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Business Design

Change the world. For good.

More than ever, identity matters. Your brand identity is usually the first point of contact with new customers. While effective branding does lead to sales, branding is not about selling. Instead, great brands generate a culture around them that allows consumers to feel part of something exciting and important.

Your brand should speak to the heart of the consumer and create an instant connection which stimulates action and allows them to feel part of a broader culture.

Greenfield designers are artists at heart, but also skilled marketers, branding visionaries and cultural strategists. From logo design to full marketing communications packages, Greenfield Graphics is here to provide you with exceptional service and great design. If you are starting a new company or want to redesign your existing identity for greater impact and broader reach, meet with us. Together we will develop an identity that will help you change the world.

Logos and Identity

Company logos and overall identity packages can compel consumers to action. Explore these samples of our branding and identity work.


One of the most effective ways to educate your customers about your company or products is with a well-designed brochure. Our designs are compelling and innovative in delivering your information.


Advertising space is expensive. Enjoy the best return on your investment by presenting the best possible design.


Today websites are the front door of businesses. Your site should be more than a pretty page. It can be an effective medium that communicates your message. If it is also easy to use and search engine-optimized, it will call your customers to action.


Animation, Flash presentations and interactive CD-ROMs are great ways to bring your marketing materials to life. Take a tour of our animated projects and interactive presentations.

Trade Show Displays

Stand tall at your next trade show with one of our many self-standing displays. From single panel kiosks to self-contained environments, our displays are high-impact and easy to set up.

Package Design

Don't let your product blend into the masses on the shelf. Greenfield packaging has a consistent history of getting products into customers' hands and generating repeat sales.

Social Marketing

When it's time to create awareness around an important issue, you need dynamic and effective marketing materials. Our social marketing campaigns have had enormous success.


Whether you need a book, newsletter, magazine, event program or newspaper, Greenfield has a strong background in desktop publishing and page design.

Clothing Design

Screenprinting and clothing label design can turn your marketing into fashion that customers identify with — as they become points of marketing exposure for your product.