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Embracing the Green Revolution.

Being Green is more than a trend or corporate philosophy; it’s a global necessity that also makes great business sense.

Ask yourself these questions: Can my company be Green? Does it really matter? Can being Green really make a difference to the planet? Can it make me more money?

The answer to all of these questions is a resounding “YES!”

When every company takes steps toward becoming more Green as a business practice, the positive impact on the environment is significant. So, too, will be the impact on your bottom line.

Today’s consumers are experiencing a broad cultural awakening. They are making their purchasing decisions based on more than brand or style. Corporate responsibility, ecological sustainability, and care for the environment influence buying behavior. Demonstrate your commitment by utilizing ecologically-friendly materials such as recycled paper, tree-free paper, cotton paper, Kenaf paper, and soy and vegetable-based inks. Heck, we've even got money paper made of shredded US bills, and beer paper made of recycled beer labels!

Greenfield Graphics can help you deliver on your commitment to being Green by designing marketing campaigns, printed materials and internet sites and stores that speak directly to the hearts of conscious consumers.

Heal the planet. Earn customers. Go Green. Choose Greenfield.