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" create the finest in digital imagery and graphic design while building vital partnerships with our clients and the Earth as a whole..."
—Greenfield Graphics Mission Statement

Greenfield Graphics is a company with a firm foundation of integrity and global awareness. We are the first E.P.A. certified Green graphics company in the United States. We endeavor to provide innovative marketing materials to your business, while utilizing environmentally sound alternatives within the inherently wasteful industries of printing and reproduction.

Greenfield Graphics was started in December of 1997 by Zack Darling and Damian Peters. Our artwork in print and electronic media has developed a loyal following and Greenfield Graphics has grown and prospered by client referrals and word of mouth. Our designs speak for themselves and our clients know it.

The soul of Greenfield Graphics is our smart, talented and dynamic team. We love working with each other and our many interesting clients in our downtown Santa Rosa design studio, which is a nest of art, music and color. Take a moment to learn more about who we are!


damian peters

Design manager

Art and marketing has always been my strong point and main focus. I have dedicated the last thirteen years to design as a profession, from school to owning and operating my own graphic art design studio.

Zack and I started Greenfield Graphics in 1997 and since then we have had the privledge of working on many amazing projects, ranging from print, animation, web, film and more.

As your project manager, I will be your primary point of comunication as your work is completed. Chances are I'll be the one answering your emails & telephone calls, sending you design estimates & printing quotes and generally making sure you are completely taken care of.

I look forward to helping you conceptualize and manifest your company's potential through our project planning sessions. Once your design projects are complete, I will work with you to get the most affordable & ecologically friendly print collateral possible.

Let's talk about how you and I can turn your concepts and ideas into effective tools to help your business grow!


Zack Darling

Creative Director

I'm a Zack of all trades: an event producer, a DJ, a bad comedian, a musician, an environmental activist, a radio show host, a traveler, and an artist. My life is abundant with ways in which I can express my creativity and share it with the world. One of the primary driving forces in my life is the concept of gift economy. Greenfield Graphics is the best vessel in which I give my artistic skills to the world. There is spirit in everything and my artwork is no exception. Sound a little new-agey? Well, maybe that's because I was raised on a hippie commune in the mountains called Greenfield Ranch — thus, Greenfield Graphics.

I have been a professional graphic artist since 1995. Prior to that I was a writer, journalist, and editor-in-chief of a newspaper. My passion for the creative side of graphic art is evident in my music industry designs, yet I also find great satisfaction in the beauty and simplcity of creating a high impact logo for mainstream businesses. I find myself frequently fascinated with the relationship between my artwork and your customers. Discovering the best way to portray your company's essence through shape and color is a a tricky task — a challenge which I enjoy and consistently achieve.

I love my job, my team and my clients. Contact any of our clients and you'll find that they love us too!